Able2Extract Pro

Able2Extract Pro 16.0

Converts, edits and exports data from PDF

Work with data from image PDFs and standard PDF documents by converting the selected files into Excel, Word, PowerPoint and other office formats or exporting specific data. The suite features multiple levels of OCR scanning. Conversion to Autocad and XPS projects is also possible.

Able2Extract Professional lets you create, convert, edit, and sign PDF documents. PDF files can be converted into MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, AutoCAD, Publisher, and OpenOffice, LibreOffice, and image formats. During conversion to image, you can image select specific settings such as DPI, image resolution, GIF animation speed, and JPEG quality.

OCR conversion gives you the ability to convert scanned, image-only PDFs into fully editable and searchable files. It can automatically correct skewed content and iron-out grainy, broken text into smooth fonts and lettering.

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